Great tint Sunglasses shipping was very fast until now

It also comes with a case, which is handy to store it safely without it getting scratched. Unfortunately, I didn’t know when it happened, so I lost it. I don’t know how to contact the customer service to claim the lifetime warranty to get another one. The Duco website doesn’t have a help button or anything as customer service. Good customer service and warranty. Definitely recommend.

Polarized Clubmaster Classic Half Frame Semi-Rimless Rimmed Sunglasses For me this pair of sunglasses turned out to fit my face and not fall off, so as described one fits all sizes classically. Next, I enjoy having a sport-like pouch to store my glasses into with a string to close off the pouch. I feel that the polarization is decent and it shall block 100% UVA/UVB. It’s not one of the most expensive brands, but it’s certainly a quality that compares.

They came very well packaged. They came in a box, inside a bag with a lens cleaning cloth. I was a little afraid at first by the weight of the glasses. They are SO light!!!! I have always been used to heavy sunglasses, and have connected that with high quality. Buy em, you wont be disappointed.

Despite being a little tight, the lenses are a little big for my liking. It doesn’t seem to fit my face as well as I would have liked. A minor annoyance, but still something to keep in mind. If I had measurements for my head, I would post them, but I do not. I would recommend giving these a shot.

That are times when we go to buy some Sunglasses for men but return empty handed. We shall look for something stylish. We come back without anything of our passionate kind found in the store. Determining the shape of your countenance well in advance before you go for purchasing sunglasses is a great idea.

I bought these for my husband and he has been enjoying these sunglasses ever since. They keep the glare out of his eyes and he actually looks cool wearing the sunglasses which I like. He has macular degeneration so these protect his eyes. He likes to sit outside in his powerchair for a couple hours a day so these are a definite must in the south. I surprised him with these and he has been happy with them.

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