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I like using these hats for working in the summertime and spring time. Being a bald man, slathering my head with sunscreen isn’t a complete large amount of fun. When you begin to sweat especially. This hat provides UV protection. I cannot tell you much about how exactly that ongoing works, but I could say, I have not been burnt on top of my head despite a few May afternoon runs. Yet another bonus is the method it helps keep carefully the sweat out of my eyes by allowing it to be absorbed by the hat itself.

Had high hopes for these caps because of the great price. I have a large head and most flexible caps don’t modify far enough. These, however, were perfect. Nice and light-weight for warm weather use. My just suggestion would be to let us pick the two colors, than simply packaging two together rather. Getting ready to order two more today.

The hat is made from very nice material. Im no expert on which kind of material it is but i understand it’s good quality. When i initial got it, i thought i appeared as if a train conductor since the sides puffed out just a little but that was set when i tightened the strap at the back. You are created by this hat look like a badass. Like if some one said something rude, you would be able to eliminate their jaw in a single puch. 10/10 would recommend

It draws positive responses and looks from people in my own general area , because most men put on the typical ball cap mainly . The gals seem to show most response ….which is in part my fashion plan . Very much like wearing a nice quality fedora on a damp day , women respond to guys who can use of normal everday gown patterns. Some hats with fabric that expresses patterns or visible texture just like the light denim I purchased have a good white liner. The one color hats are a little lighter in weight with out a liner.

Excellent and inexpensive cap. It fits well, is comfortable, and appears to be well made. The fabric is the right weight for me too just. It is not overweight like canvas, and not too cheap and thin feeling. I would suggest this to anyone looking for a nice everyday hat.

A couple was bought by me of the to wear to function. Great hat, for the price particularly. Light weight. Well constructed. Higher quality stitching; the stitching is definitely even covered. Built for lengthy hauls and large loads. The only concern I’ve with them is, getting light-weight, they aren’t extremely absorbent, and I work in a reasonably hot, high humility environment (you understand, Nebraska, and all that).

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