Favorite Scarf definitely worthy of a go for women and kid too

It is warm,soft and cozy and not itchy- just what I was looking for! When I bought it,it was indicated by the description was a blanked scarf but I see which has now been changed. I was going to comment that despite the fact that quite large and heavy,it’s not really a blanket scarf since it’s a lot more of a rectangle and not a square.Overall great purchase! I wish that they had some colors without patterns.I would buy more definitely!

I would strongly recommend this crochet version where you can either use the ribbed or crochet pattern in leading and alternate it to make it appear to be two different scarves seeing that half of the scarf is ribbed (the straight vertical lines) and half of it really is a crochet looking pattern.

I have very short hair which is light-weight but helps to keep the relative back of my neck warm. Beautiful design and color, more of a tan and dusty rose then a white and pink on the main one side, which I love and I get compliments on it every time I wear it.!

It was at first very poufy and hard to manage,but washing it made it much softer.I actually twist the big loop and wrap it twice around my neck firmly,tucking one loop beneath the other in front,to flatten it a bit.Pulled closely,it really is warm.Hanging loosely,it is fashionable merely.Love this since it can be utilized in nearly every season,goes with nearly every solid color,and offers a bright spot to my wardrobe.Among my favorites!

The pink is a little muted in true to life then the picture nonetheless it is very pretty non-e the less.It is light weight and I used it as both a scarf and shawl.it looks well as both and looks amazing on.Very old fashioned lady-like appeal.

I don’t wear a ton of accessories,but I acquired these because I would India and had a need to bring along scarves in the event I was required to cover myself more adequately in public areas.I actually enjoy this scarf.The colors are fine,therefore i feel like it could go with a few different color schemes.It looks a whole lot nicer than what I payed for it. The material seems sturdy enough that I would not rip it inadvertently, though still soft enough that I would want it close to my skin.

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