Eyeglasses for men certainly are a great combo

What a great couple of sunglasses. I’m still using the first pair purchased 24 months ago. Only lately the very lower edges are starting to lose a bit of the blue coating. But I’ve been putting on them daily and commute on a motorbike so it’s pretty impressive these glasses have handled the dust, dirt and daily handling this long. Oakleys wouldn’t last much longer. Actually I’ve scratched a set of coated Oakleys within months in the past. Treat these eyeglasses as though they cost as much as Oakleys and they’ll last a long time.

The only negative I’ve is that the little maintenance screwdrive that came with my first pair didn’t survive in my own car through the California summer heat and fell aside within the molded case. But taking into consideration one comes with every pair and the fact I never really had to make use of one on my Duco sunglasses however, I’m not worry about it.

Overall, very content with the purchase. For a man that constantly breaks and loses glasses, I will not cry when they are lost, but I understand I will get them again once I lose this pair. The difference between these any my transitions are great, the polarization is wonderful for an inexpensive couple of glasses also.

I am very happy with the purchase and considering another pair–a different color of course–for the upcoming spring/summer season. I must say i enjoy fishing and so I believe this will go to sea with me as often as I can. . . Best sunglasses I ever bought beautiful packaging it comes with a NICE Good case n a lil handbag with lens cloth also it includes a lil two component mini screw driver awesome.

They’re much cheaper when compared to a couple of Ray-Ban sunglasses and you won’t cry if you break or lose them. I’m in a drum & bugle corps this means I’m outside for eight hours at the same time in the summertime. I needed a good couple of sunglasses and these are perfect! They’re VERY stylish and dark. They also come with a nifty pouch and a difficult zipper money for extra safety! By far a fresh favorite, especially for the price.

These glasses, for the price, exceeded my expectations. They execute a Congrats of filtering out the glare and rays from the sun. They can fit great and i can see them lasting a long time. General, i am very pleased with the quality, the purchase price, and the service. They reached out if you ask me to ensure that the eyeglasses were what i needed, very much appreciated!

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