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I also love the cross shoulder element and you could adjust the distance of the strap drastically so you can put on it just about however you might want. I cannot say enough about this purse! It has so many options when it comes to carrying it. I do suggest maybe getting a small purse organizer to place inside (there are some pockets but things can get jostled around easily).

The shoulder straps are long enough so that it fits perfect on the shoulder, hanging below the arm pit. If it is wanted by you longer there can be an extra strap that you can attach or keep it off. I absolutely love there are two main inside pockets. It is made by it easy to stay organized. I got the blue shaded one in fact it is an excellent unique color. Sort of a navy blue, but with hints of green in it. It is very light-weight and soft.?

I love that because We am little and didn’t want to transport something that appeared as if it had been overpowering me. You can make it three different ways. All the straps are extremely comfortable. The zippers close and open smoothly. The only negative thing I can think of is that it includes a weird smell to it but I’m sure will go away as time passes.?

The versatility of being reversible (dark to light) was a plus at first but I really appreciate it, getting two for the price of one. It is gentle and supple and holds a ton of stuff! My 13′ laptop/tablet fit properly and there was still room for a lot of other travel stuff. The magnet that keeps the flaps collectively was strong, too. I would definitely purchase this product again and will utilize it on future trips!

Another purse was ordered by me from the same manufacture, however in a different style. I love it, but it’s just too small to make use of daily. I must say i missed my outdated purse. The stores had nothing I liked. So I ordered a different one in the coffee color and vowed to just be extra cautious. And I am, but that one doesn’t seem to really have the huge flowing lining like the first one did.

Hold my little tablet, plus a little notebook and all the plain things I need daily. But there was an enormous problem with the liner. Extremely big lining was getting caught in the zipper always. Then one time they both got captured and I could not get one side opened just, which been the relative side with my wallet that I needed at that time. After about 5 minutes, I just gave up and broke the zipper trying to get involved with it. I was so upset.

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