Sunglasses for guys are Varied sizes and shapes

That are occasions when we go to purchase some Sunglasses for guys but come back empty handed. We will look for something stylish. We keep coming back without anything of our passionate kind found in the store. Determining the form of your countenance well in advance prior to going for purchasing sunglasses is a good idea.

I’ve under no circumstances been as satisfied with a buy as We am with this. The pros are much better than expected, and the cons are worth making the effort to type out hardly. Bought it at a reduced price, but worthy of full price definitely. I am impressed by these sunglasses honestly. even though I normally consider the added cases and such to end up being ‘throw-aways’, the provided case, cloth, baggie and screwdriver are pretty nice.

The screwdriver has a phillips at once one side (why I have no idea as the sunglasses have no Phillip screws but take as another extra bonus because for certain you’ve have to an extremely small phillips mind for something later on) and a set head on the other side. If I were to state anything detrimental about these it would be this, I paid a bit more to find the blue revco mirror lenses. A personal thing for style but I believe you can see better through blue lenses also.

These glasses look great and are durable for an inexpensive price. I accidentally washed them with my laundry (oops) plus they didn’t break or bend. The frame itself is a little larger than expected, but it isn’t a big deal. I’d buy another pair out of this company without issue.

I like my new new sunglasses. The bundle that they arrived in worried me initially but after I experienced pulled out the carrying case and seen the problem the glasses were in and all that they was included with I was happy. I’ve had many different pairs of sunglasses but up to now ( anything can occur ) these are the very best. Thank you.

I bought a pair for my friend likely to USAFA because they were sleek and made the code requirements for uniforms too! He adores them to death! The sellers are so helpful and kind and have a genuine concern for his or her customers. Great product created by great people.

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Great look Sunglasses well worth a try for women too definitely

After I got the routing we received your email and will contact you soon, I was surprised to obtain a response back within a few hours pleasantly. The response wasn’t a robo-mail, it was a genuine person. He apologized that the sunglasses didn’t live-up to my anticipations and made plans to ship me a whole new replacement pair.

I acquired the thin black frames with the gold trim and I really like them. They are stylish and do their work of protecting my eye. A very important factor that was weird if you ask me was they are simply like normal glasses frame-wise, so they appear kinda weird when you want them off that person and you rest them on your head. So, I recommend just keeping the case that’s directed at you and putting them in the case.

All in most, if you like the wrap around design and don’t want to spend 180 on a pair of Oakley eyeglasses, get these. If you treatment about what friends and family think, and you feel self conscious in regards to a small brand emblem that isn’t well known, go waste your cash on an expensive pair that’s is the same thing you get here.

You do need to “spring” the earpieces a little to obtain the glasses on, but that’s just because they’re curved and NOT straight for a great, comfortable fit around the relative head. The curved parts over the ear certainly are a stiff rubber, which enhances comfort more even. I bought another pair to keep on the boat. Love the polarization which is always necessary for fishing.

These in shape great. They set on my nasal area and stay place! Don’t slide straight down. Don’t fog up. Avoid my eyelashes. And present really good shade! Polarized for sure. I can wear these for hours and they don’t make my nose sore. They are the sporty sunglasses I was longing for. They wrap around my temples for more effective eye protection slightly. They have a snug fit, but they are extremely comfortable.

First, I’d like to mention that I did get these durring a lightning offer – but i would possess given these sun eyeglasses 5 stars even if i had paid full price. I acquired the gun metal framework with grey lenses and they are certainly polarized as it comes with proof and I don’t want to get any even more specific so I don’t spoil the fun. They seemed durable and what I like most about them is usually that they are not too dark.

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First ‘real sunglasses’ – great look,fit and craftsmanship

I’ve experienced polarized Oakleys and Maui Jims, both of which I’ve in some way lost (damn day drinking). Didn’t want to buy another pair of very costly sunglasses. Found these online and took the opportunity. They are basically just as good outdoors as my others that were way way more $$$. And their extremely comfortable, actually convenient then my Maui Jims that i could never reach fit comfortable w/o a small headache from the tiny arms digging into your head no matter just how much you altered them. And these stay put better then the Mauis as far as the nose guards go (friend gets the same problem with his Maui Jims).

The sunglasses fit well and are extremely light really. The mirror lenses came without any damage to them and I look forwards for the scratch resistance to enter into play when I visit the seaside (will update upon this). They’re stylish and the polarization is great. As well as the shades, you get a hard case with a steel belt clip, a cloth pouch to keep carefully the tones in, and cleaning fabric of the same material as the cloth pouch. Gleam little screwdriver.

WHEN I got the routing we received your email and will contact you soon, I was surprised to get a response back within a few hours pleasantly. The response wasn’t a robo-mail, it had been a genuine person. He apologized that the sunglasses didn’t live-up to my anticipations and made arrangements to ship me a brand new replacement pair.

The screwdriver includes a phillips at once one side (why I don’t know as the sunglasses haven’t any Phillip screws but take as another extra bonus because for certain you’ve going to need an extremely small phillips mind for something later on) and a flat at once the other side. If I were to state anything unfavorable about these it will be this, I paid a little more to have the blue revco mirror lenses. A personal thing for design but I believe you can view better through blue lenses also.

Polarized Clubmaster Classic Half Frame Semi-Rimless Rimmed Sunglasses For me this pair of sunglasses turned out to fit my face and not fall off, in order described one classically matches all sizes. Next, I enjoy having a sport-like pouch to store my eyeglasses into with a string to close off the pouch. I feel that the polarization is decent and it shall block 100% UVA/UVB. It’s not perhaps probably the most costly brands, but it’s certainly a quality that compares.

Purchased these for my husband who is generally misplacing his glasses. He asked for raybans but I couldn’t fathom spending the amount of money on them understanding he’d probably get rid of or break them within a couple of months. Ordered these on a whim therefore HAPPY with them. The product packaging + quality is a lot more than what I anticipated for the price! Will be ordering from them again definitely!

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Best glasses ever

In conditions of general in shape I didn’t have any complaints. They do a great job at blocking surface area glare. I’d guess they block about 30% of the light reflected in your direction. This is absolutely good if you’re driving and end up facing the sun frequently because of the direction.

The lenses are dark that i love! They have polarization, plus they fit my big head. I made the mistake of buying another pair of glasses which ended up being plastic. They were returned by me, bought the Duco for the same cost, and there is a world of difference between the quality.

Having said that the lenses appear to be of good quality and work great at filtering out the bad rays and the frames are nice looking and light weight. If these had more or smaller curved lenses i’d love these glasses. I also have a “low bridge” nasal area, which causes some sunglasses to keep marks on my cheeks, or just don’t fit period.

Love the glasses. . i purchased my first pair nearly a full year back. The screw came and one of the stems came off loose. Since i loved the pair so much I acquired three even more cos they’re cheap and look good. Definetly recomend it especially if you have a small face.

The skies are covered in blue or grey or white, almost all the proper time. It can be stressful, driving around here, with all that glare, all that big sky, no clouds. I acquired these to help me handle it and they totally help me not feel so claustrophobic on warm days where the sun and the sky is usually everywhere. I even use them while working outside on my computer, I literally work outside and gaze within my computer with these eyeglasses on because they’re so excellent at reducing glare!

My wife once bought me $200 Oakleys hoping the product quality and cost would force me to take care of them. Thankfully they lasted me 10 weeks but I wasn’t going to drop another $200. And I’m sick and tired of the $15-$20 cheaply produced sunglasses at Focus on and such.

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Gentle Eyeglasses worthy of the buy for women too

The accessories that include the eyeglasses are awesome. Why four of five stars you ask instead ? The nose pieces are a Little hard and after putting on all full day the bridge of the nose, at least mine is a little tender but was all set the next day. Perhaps a little softer piece would help. The blue color looks good. And the frame is metal. You will not go wrong for the price of these, hell the accerories by itself are worth $25

I received the glasses about 1 hr ago just. I am pleasantly surprised by the product quality and feel of the glasses. I have not worn them for any long time but they feel very light and comfortable. they are an unbelievable particularly considering he cost. They have versatile hinges and feel durable with almost a metal feel to the body except for the end over the ear that are rubberized.

I bought these on a whim as i liked the feel of the picture really. They were light and looked to be of high quality material. I’m still not sure about the style but that’s personal taste. I can say I will buy glasses from them in the future because of my experience though. Thank you.

I purchased these sunglasses off of a whim. I likely to get a inexpensive pair of classes since the price was so low but they are one of the best quality sunglasses i’ve ever received. very sleek and stylish, these glasses certainly are a must buy. . . my question to you is excatly why are you still reading this and not purchasing a pair of your have yet?! Like LOVE LOVE

These are polarized definitely, and light weight and sturdy. Something you’ll anticipate from a Maui Jim, but get in these!These are not as light-weight as my Maui Jim, but that’s mainly because the lenses are very much bigger on these Ducos, and the medial side arms are about doubly thick as my Maui Jims.

My first-time wearing them out these were taken by me off once obtaining inside. We visited my in-laws and regulations for a family get and I remaining the case in the car together. The shades were placed on the arm of the sofa. They finished up on the cushions and got sat on (multiple times throughout the night). Eventually I came across them between your couch cushions rather than damaged at all.

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Great group of sunglasses

I decided the raise the budget a little bit with this purchase and I like it, the zoom lens is polarized and they provide a polarization test in the package in fact, it includes a good hard pouch in addition to a soft cloth one and a cleaning fabric.

I am enjoying these sunglasses really. I love the wrap around aspect and the comfort and ease they offer. I will note that the center (where it sits on my nose) is noticeable not covered when I look left or right; since there is absolutely no boarder the difference sometimes appears by you of sunlight verses the shaded component. This isn’t a huge deal for me personally but noticeable. Some glasses I have had feel more “continuous” in that the center and peripherals you cannot tell where the color ends (this probably is due to the fact that they sit down a little raised on the nose).

I absolutely loves them! He needed Ray Bans but since I’m on a budget I searched and searched for reasonably price Clubmasters which were identical and these nailed it! The temples, frames and color are the precise same. Definitely purchasing from right here again!

These glasses appearance great and are durable for a cheap price. I accidentally washed them with my laundry (oops) and they didn’t break or bend. The frame itself is a little bigger than expected, but it isn’t a big deal. I’d buy another pair out of this company without issue.

Polarized AND black! Not really the polarized orange/purple/whatever crap. Hardly any reduced amount of color or detail. Glare reduced significantly; the pictures don’t perform it justice, since the lenses cut out all but a dim blue spot with a weird pattern* from various reflections, including car home windows, waves/water, and actually the sunroof in my car.

Have already bought more. I normally buy cheap sunglasses ($10 from Walmart) as I don’t trust myself never to break them rather than saw the necessity to spend a lot more on them as I couldn’t inform the difference. I read the strong testimonials on these and decided to give them a shot. I now have ordered another pair for the car – I can say I love them. They are well built, feel more solid than you would expect for the purchase price point and they look great. they look great, feel good and are well wroth the price.

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Eyeglasses for men certainly are a great combo

What a great couple of sunglasses. I’m still using the first pair purchased 24 months ago. Only lately the very lower edges are starting to lose a bit of the blue coating. But I’ve been putting on them daily and commute on a motorbike so it’s pretty impressive these glasses have handled the dust, dirt and daily handling this long. Oakleys wouldn’t last much longer. Actually I’ve scratched a set of coated Oakleys within months in the past. Treat these eyeglasses as though they cost as much as Oakleys and they’ll last a long time.

The only negative I’ve is that the little maintenance screwdrive that came with my first pair didn’t survive in my own car through the California summer heat and fell aside within the molded case. But taking into consideration one comes with every pair and the fact I never really had to make use of one on my Duco sunglasses however, I’m not worry about it.

Overall, very content with the purchase. For a man that constantly breaks and loses glasses, I will not cry when they are lost, but I understand I will get them again once I lose this pair. The difference between these any my transitions are great, the polarization is wonderful for an inexpensive couple of glasses also.

I am very happy with the purchase and considering another pair–a different color of course–for the upcoming spring/summer season. I must say i enjoy fishing and so I believe this will go to sea with me as often as I can. . . Best sunglasses I ever bought beautiful packaging it comes with a NICE Good case n a lil handbag with lens cloth also it includes a lil two component mini screw driver awesome.

They’re much cheaper when compared to a couple of Ray-Ban sunglasses and you won’t cry if you break or lose them. I’m in a drum & bugle corps this means I’m outside for eight hours at the same time in the summertime. I needed a good couple of sunglasses and these are perfect! They’re VERY stylish and dark. They also come with a nifty pouch and a difficult zipper money for extra safety! By far a fresh favorite, especially for the price.

These glasses, for the price, exceeded my expectations. They execute a Congrats of filtering out the glare and rays from the sun. They can fit great and i can see them lasting a long time. General, i am very pleased with the quality, the purchase price, and the service. They reached out if you ask me to ensure that the eyeglasses were what i needed, very much appreciated!

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Affordable Eyeglasses sufficient for the purchase price for men

Selfie is everything you call it today. So many people are looking to take selfie photos these days just due to this reason. Another idea is certainly to stand in front of the mirror and draw right along the real face contour and adjustments. You may use a lipstick for this function. The X Factor that adds on to your style naturally while wearing some of the sunglasses is fairly awesome. So ensure that you are not losing sight of the essentials when you are ordering for the right, Cheap Sunglasses online.

First off, i want to prove im human simply by saying bonerfart. Lets get right down to business. I was astoundingly impressed with every part of this product, even the packaging made me feel very special. Very well made, arms glide firmly into place, polarizing does a good job of polarizing, and it even comes with a case, cloth, screwdriver kit, and tiny decal (to make sure me that they weren’t flicking my cock on the polarization claim).

It’s 2018, and you don’t have to spend a ton of cash to get nice quality sunglasses. These are great , they’re sturdy and the lenses perform what they should do. I acquired these to make use of as a backup pair therefore i haven’t worn them much, but I am extremely content with this purchase

As you can see in the pictures I added, they don’t do a good work at wrapping around your mind. There’s huge areas on each part where the sun can very easily get through. I would like it better if indeed they held the width but used that to wrap it around the temples a little more.

Also, my head is slightly bigger than average, and the glasses fit both my and my girlfriend’s more petite head very snugly – we have yet to keep these things fall off or actually budge. All in all, not a cheap-quality pair of glasses definitely!You have to await them to ship?

I used the enclosed card to check on my other sunglasses to see if they were really polarized as they claimed, and only found one pair which was polarized, and it was one in the $20. 00 range. I was surprised to find the Gargoyles weren’t polarized, and I believe they state to be, at an extremely high price. Makes me question if they possess the UV safety they claim!

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Great quality + such a steal eyeglasses

I am buying sunglasses my whole life, I live a dynamic lifestyle in New Mexico where we get sun 350+ times a full season. I’ve spent $200 on glasses and not been as happy as I am with these $25 specs! They also came with the tools to adapt as necessary. I haven’t experienced to utilize them, and even though my curious toddler offers used them such as a bow flex accessory, they’ve maintained their suit and not broken! Very excited about this purchase.

I’ve acquired Oakleys for a long time and after my last set broke, I made a decision to shop around for something different. Was looking at some Wiley X’s when the Duco’s popped up on Amazon. Liked the appearance and especially the purchase price so I took a chance. They appear great and fit nicely. Shipping and delivery was fast and customer support was excellent. I’m a person for life! Bought my 2nd pair as a present for a friend just.

It includes a case also, which is useful to store it safely without it getting scratched. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand when it happened, so it was dropped by me. I don’t understand how to contact the customer service to claim the lifetime warranty to get a different one. The Duco website does not have a help key or anything as customer support. Good customer warranty and service. Definitely recommend.

The accessories that come with the glasses are awesome. Why four rather than five stars you ask ? The nose pieces certainly are a Small hard and after wearing all full day time the bridge of the nose, at least mine is certainly a bit tender but was good to go the next day. Maybe a little softer piece would help. The blue color looks good. And the frame is metal. You will not go incorrect for the price of these, hell the accerories alone are worth $25

In case you are buying sunglasses to wear for guys sports occasions in your college school or office then you can really try that friend the items that are available in the market today point what’s the sports celebrities out they are getting their sunglasses online. That minimizes their time and initiatives to buy the bottom of the sunglasses.

I am impressed with these WeareMePro Sun glasses hugely. Not because of the remarkably good deal or because they are extremely stylish but because they basically work extremely well. WeareMePro is a quality product and I guarantee you I shall be buying more of them. We’ve all been there in the mad rush needing some shades draw some off a rack at a store only to find that our eye are exhausted and stressed by using them.

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Solid couple of eyeglasses

I’ve them in two shades, and have gotten many compliments. The shade you get from the sun is perfect, even on the brightest of days. They look stylish and are very useful. Mine lasted about 7 months until one of the hands became unscrewed, but besides that I would suggest them.

these work well and would have gotten 5 stars however the they are a little uncomfortable over long use. Mainly the nasal area bridge and on the ears Optics are good and they certainly polarize out glare and so are well constructed be sure you tighten the screws when you have them mine were fairly loose from the box but they offered a screw driver for replacement unit lenses so all is good.

Don’t get me incorrect, it results in very endearing, like a baby owl learning to hunt, an observation just. So anyways. . . . . i Recommend these sunglasses and feel like this duco brand has a bright future if indeed they keep treating their customers like the precious endangered species they are. . . . done well!!!!!

The polarization works quite well. The packing is well-done even. Comes with a case, lens fabric and screwdriver set. Also includes a cute little card that demonstrates the polarization effect. easily be marketed for $50, but often choose $22 or less. These are sunglasses that work actually. Not just tinted plastic. They block out quite a lot of glare from sunlight reflecting of the road and on coming vehicles.

I’m a bit puzzled by the splashy drinking water in the primary graphic for the merchandise. They’re sun glasses, not rain eyeglasses or swimming eyeglasses. Considering they’re made out of plastic and steel, as are every single pair of glasses out there, pretty much, it isn’t like being waterproof is certainly some magical extra feature. Whatever, they’re still cool.

What a great couple of sunglasses. I’m still using the first set purchased 24 months ago. Only recently the very lower edges are beginning to lose a bit of the blue coating. But I’ve been wearing them daily and commute on a motorcycle so it’s pretty impressive these glasses have handled the dust, dirt and handling this long. Oakleys wouldn’t last a lot longer. In fact I’ve scratched a couple of covered Oakleys within months during the past. Treat these eyeglasses as if they cost just as much as Oakleys and they’ll last a long time.

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