Best glasses ever

In conditions of general in shape I didn’t have any complaints. They do a great job at blocking surface area glare. I’d guess they block about 30% of the light reflected in your direction. This is absolutely good if you’re driving and end up facing the sun frequently because of the direction.

The lenses are dark that i love! They have polarization, plus they fit my big head. I made the mistake of buying another pair of glasses which ended up being plastic. They were returned by me, bought the Duco for the same cost, and there is a world of difference between the quality.

Having said that the lenses appear to be of good quality and work great at filtering out the bad rays and the frames are nice looking and light weight. If these had more or smaller curved lenses i’d love these glasses. I also have a “low bridge” nasal area, which causes some sunglasses to keep marks on my cheeks, or just don’t fit period.

Love the glasses. . i purchased my first pair nearly a full year back. The screw came and one of the stems came off loose. Since i loved the pair so much I acquired three even more cos they’re cheap and look good. Definetly recomend it especially if you have a small face.

The skies are covered in blue or grey or white, almost all the proper time. It can be stressful, driving around here, with all that glare, all that big sky, no clouds. I acquired these to help me handle it and they totally help me not feel so claustrophobic on warm days where the sun and the sky is usually everywhere. I even use them while working outside on my computer, I literally work outside and gaze within my computer with these eyeglasses on because they’re so excellent at reducing glare!

My wife once bought me $200 Oakleys hoping the product quality and cost would force me to take care of them. Thankfully they lasted me 10 weeks but I wasn’t going to drop another $200. And I’m sick and tired of the $15-$20 cheaply produced sunglasses at Focus on and such.

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