Awesome service Eyeglasses sufficient for the price for men

I gave it 4/5 instead of 5/5 because on longer drives(45 a few minutes+) it starts to act like a pressure stage directly on the bone between my upper ear/mind and I have to slightly lift/adjust the arms to relieve the pressure. So not sure if it’s a size factor or what, but I’ll order a second set for my additional car.

I have the black and tortoise pair. I liked them the minute I hook them up to. I also appreciate the care taken when they had been packaged by placing them in plastic hand bags and adding the accompanying having sack. Polarized lenses were the selling point for this product for me, as I see this as an important feature for shades in general. And the purchase price I up paid gets 2 thumbs!

I’ve had misfortune with sunglasses. I’m a specialist driver, my sunglasses are essential. I’ve bought very costly pairs, only to keep these things break. I’m easy on glasses either. Bought an extremely expensive set at Bass Pro for $100, had them break in 45$ WHILE SITTING IN MY OWN GLOVE COMPARTMENT IN A SOFT CASE! They did not return them either.

The lenses offer great polarizization and UV protection. I love the tint on the dark brown lenses. They seem to enhance the clarity and view of nature on a sunny day. I needed quality sports eyeglasses without paying out the $100+ overpriced retail price for mainstream glasses, specifically ones that mark up their priceby $50 simply for polarization.

I am buying sunglasses my whole life, I live a dynamic life in New Mexico where we get sun 350+ days a full 12 months. I’ve spent $200 on glasses and not been as content as I am with these $25 specs! They also came with the tools to adapt as necessary. I haven’t had to utilize them, and even though my curious toddler has used them like a bow flex accessory, they’ve maintained their suit and not broken! Very worked up about this purchase.

This would be a huge issue easily was wasting $100 on Ray-Bans. Instead, easily drop, break, or eliminate my sunglasses, I buy new types as necessary just. I often switch up the styles because of their selection. They look super alike to those really expensive types honestly. They won’t break if you care for them like they are well worth 100 dollars, meaning don’t throw them around or they’ll break.

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