Feels like high quality and looks nice too

For years I’ve looked for these types of caps and these are the 1st that fit great. These were received wrinkled, but I simply shaped them with a towel in them and sprayed them with water from a spray bottle and allow them dry. Fits and looks great if I may say therefore myself. Love them.

It’s true this hat isn’t top-notch craftsmenship, but for about $10, it fulfills its purpose exactly. It’s not totally cheap looking, it’s certainly wearable, and on top of that it’s organic. The worthiness of the hat should be more like $15-$20 I believe.It gets the potential to look silly on your own head really. You have to position it a specific way to make it look nice. You need to play with the hat just a little also, squeezing the brim or adjusting the strap. After fiddling with it, it appears nice on me.I got the cream color and it looks really cute! Have fun!

I purchased this cap to displace one We had for 10 years. There was nothing wrong with my hat other than it had faded since it was worn by me constantly. That is a well-made hat and appealing for women to put on. I still put on my original hat when I function in the yard and save my brand-new one for when I am out and about in public.

Cute hat. Like the color. It’s not like some of my additional low profile hats though. That one bothers my ears. However the color and feel of brushed cotton replace that. My husband says his is ok for a hat. (His is cute too, just red rather than blue). I found this one then. Low profile, not really vented, and black. The lack of it was made by a logo perfect.

We din NOT receive any payment for this review. It is my honest opinion and that I got nothing in return however the fulfillment of helping various other Amazon shoppers select a good product. If you like the looks of the hat, purchase it with complete confidence.

Wow great cap! I purchased to wear running but they are so good that I simply wear them casually! They shipped very fast and arrived in a box large enough for them to fit without having to be folded. Packaging was amazing greatest packaging I’ve gotten for hats. Would buy again! If I had a complaint it may only be that I well may finish up buying all the colors. I have a whole lot of hats. Still, I am very happy with this purchase.

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Cute Dangler worthy of the purchase now

Personally i think the is authentic…My daughter bought me two from the ALEX AND ANI website..one of these had the 4th small charm on it and one didn’t…the one I bought here with the initial looks exactly like the one she got me from ALEX AND ANI….and those came in a black velvet bag also.

I received 2 of these bracelets just, one particular for my niece and a single for my Mother who Loves lavender completely, it’s beyond what I had hoped for, it’s stunning, the stones are all sparkly and shiny and I’m in love with it, I wish We had bought one for myself too.I think I will. The sizing latch is absolutely cool, if you like it dangley or restricted, you can choose.

The.Clasp isn’t to hard to undue, and it looks great gose well with the pearls.The pearls are shinny, and clean, I’ve only found one very small imperfection, but u gotta appear very very hard to see it.Over all great product.Now so far as the box it will come in, they have to upgrade quality.Been very carefully getting the neckless dident make it still fall apart.

I find the rose quartz stones.I’ve been into rose quartz for a while now because of the various benefits of that one stone.Each rock represents different benefits.The rose quartz for me personally, helps with energy, taking away negativity in my life.It is believed to help with romance, religious and spiritual beliefs. So many different meanings and benefits.I think that stones carry out help using what they state to represent.Its important to choose the right stone for yourself.

In the photographs, they appeared much more bright periwinkle blue.What I received was similar in shape and size, but the colors weren’t as bright and a bit more grey.We considered sending them back again.I’m glad I didn’t, my partner absolutely loves them.She commented this morning that each goes very well with the majority of her work clothing (business casual, blues, greys, blacks).We was also just a little worried about the size of the earrings as she mostly wears smaller non-dangly studs.

The posts are slightly thicker than typical gold posts.They feel durable and well coated (with pratinum?).Have not had them long more than enough to learn how well the covering will hold up.Backs are bigger than most gold backs and the back loops fit tightly against the post and that means you aren’t more likely to lose them.Backs do slide on and off the posts easily.I didn’t appreciate the big Made in China plastic material tag tightly mounted on the back loop on one post…and at first was puzzled when one stud was inside the typical blue Amazon pouch in a plastic material bag….only one.

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Soft, silky, stays in place,awesome Scarves

This is lovely and soft,it is a generous size and looked ideal for my daughters wedding.she ordered them in other colors on her behalf bridesmaids when she saw mine plus they are loved by them.The seller was asked to ship and extra and was extremely kind and truly got the work done.Great amazon experience.

Soft and lightweight yet warm,packs little for travel.The Silver Gray color includes a slight pinkish cast,almost like taupe.Though I would have preferred a far more bluish gray,is still pale and neutral .The fringes are very long (identical to the various other shawls I ordered) that i don’t really like because they have a tendency to tangle and fray; I may knot them to shorten.

Beautiful teal scarf.Pairs flawlessly with my teal skirt.This is a high quality,lightweight scarf.We wore it this last weekend and eve though it really is a lighter weight material the scarf kept the cold surroundings from reading around my throat.I thought this might only be good in the springtime and summer time but I’m wrong.It is perfect year round.Any item that may keep me warm is worth a five star rating!

It’s a beautiful cream color in fact it is thick and sound in its structure.I’m totally impressed.I’ve paid more for other scarves that were much more thin and flimsy. This is warm and sturdy.The ribbing is great.I wear it constantly. It isn’t long overly,though,so wrapping it twice around your neck makes for a very fitted look.If you don’t just like a snug scarf,the double wrap might not be for you.

This is a brilliant fashionable,comfortable,and warm scarf.I was concerned about the material because it is so inexpensive but like other reviews can attest to the standard of product.Highly recommend and can order in various other colors.

It’s an excellent price and light weight,which is just what I wanted. The color was different than pictured slightly, but that may possibly also just be my pc monitor settings so I will not take that into account,as it was pretty close.Though I’ve noticed other reviews where variations were quite noticeable,that had not been my experience.I love scarves and i shall be getting ultimately more designs in the future.

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Sunglasses for guys are Varied sizes and shapes

That are occasions when we go to purchase some Sunglasses for guys but come back empty handed. We will look for something stylish. We keep coming back without anything of our passionate kind found in the store. Determining the form of your countenance well in advance prior to going for purchasing sunglasses is a good idea.

I’ve under no circumstances been as satisfied with a buy as We am with this. The pros are much better than expected, and the cons are worth making the effort to type out hardly. Bought it at a reduced price, but worthy of full price definitely. I am impressed by these sunglasses honestly. even though I normally consider the added cases and such to end up being ‘throw-aways’, the provided case, cloth, baggie and screwdriver are pretty nice.

The screwdriver has a phillips at once one side (why I have no idea as the sunglasses have no Phillip screws but take as another extra bonus because for certain you’ve have to an extremely small phillips mind for something later on) and a set head on the other side. If I were to state anything detrimental about these it would be this, I paid a bit more to find the blue revco mirror lenses. A personal thing for style but I believe you can see better through blue lenses also.

These glasses look great and are durable for an inexpensive price. I accidentally washed them with my laundry (oops) plus they didn’t break or bend. The frame itself is a little larger than expected, but it isn’t a big deal. I’d buy another pair out of this company without issue.

I like my new new sunglasses. The bundle that they arrived in worried me initially but after I experienced pulled out the carrying case and seen the problem the glasses were in and all that they was included with I was happy. I’ve had many different pairs of sunglasses but up to now ( anything can occur ) these are the very best. Thank you.

I bought a pair for my friend likely to USAFA because they were sleek and made the code requirements for uniforms too! He adores them to death! The sellers are so helpful and kind and have a genuine concern for his or her customers. Great product created by great people.

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